Across many disciplines whether digital effects or old school in camera effects our work is about achieving the end goal in the way that best serves each project. Whether that’s the solution that matches a tight budget, one that has to be versatile for many situations or one that suits a tight shooting schedule, we work hard to solve each problem with the right solutions.

From realising complete digital stunts with fluid simulations to forced perspective cheats all in camera. From composited digital explosions to working with real animal organs we’re versatile and multi disciplined and willing to turn our hand to any trick to get the job done.

VFX Projects

Green Screen

Nearly every modern production makes use of green or blue screen in some way. Whether its an elaborate build for a massive digital set extension, underwater green screen or a small portable screen behind some moving action, Last Pixel Studios has both the expertise to help you set it up correctly and to key the shots right.

We own two 20×12 ft and one 20×20 ft green screens as well as substantial rigging to mount them.

Green Screen Projects

Digital Sets

With our parent company Last Pixel being a reknowned architectural visualisation company it makes sense that we’d love doing digital sets and digital set extensions. Augmenting an awesome existing set or building one entirely in 3D, either way we love making them. We’ve created extensive digital sets, matte paintings, digital set extensions and fix ups for feature films, tv commercials, short films and music videos and web content. From cityscapes to tropical islands, ammunition factories and war zones we’ve helped realise the directors vision for what appears on screen.

Digital Sets Projects

3D Animation

3D Animation along with 3D modelling and rendering make up a core component of our VFX work. We might create a 3D ear to composite into a single shot or an entire TVC with 3D cars driving through  a completely CG city. From animated realistic creatures and toon characters to piles of CG cash, helicopters flying over mountain ruins or an entire house building itself.

3D Animation Projects

Body Alteration

Sometimes jobs come our way where we’re asked “Can you put a giant hand on this guy?” or “We need to make this guy have really old ears”. Sometimes the request is more straightforward with more simple beauty work like digital makeup fixes or painting out unwanted tatoos or blemishes. Often we hope you spot the gag for the bigger effects but we like to think we’ve done our job right because most the time you’d never know we’d been there and fixed that particular pimple or tidied up some wardrobe.

Body Alteration Projects


The cornerstone of visual effects work is compositing. Taking one image and putting it together with another one. Covering the gamut of green screen keying, paint out and roto, 2D and 3D tracking, compositing has it all. We’ve created shots from a variety of sources in many and varied formats, we’ve keyed underwater green screen footage and made entire shots from little more than stills. Comping in primarily in Nuke and After Effects our studio has a solid compositing pipeline that has stood the test of many great projects.

Compositing Projects


Some projects come to us with very resolved art direction and design and others rely on us to put our touch on it. From feature film title design and on screen credits to motion graphic idents and TVC’s we love creating great moving visuals.

Design Projects